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At Flipping Algebra, my goal is to offer free tips and advice to teachers who would like to flip their classroom.

With Debbie’s Algebra Activities, my goal is to offer meaningful and engaging activities for teachers to use in the Algebra 1 class.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:
-What is flipping?
-Can I flip my math class?
-What will I do with my students if I don’t lecture in class?
-Can I find great activities for my Algebra 1 class?

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My Story

My name is Debbie Veatch and I am a teacher.  During fifteen years of teaching Algebra, I started with a traditional class format and successfully changed to the “flipped” class format in later years. Initially, I was not sure how to start and wondered if all of the work involved would be worth the trouble.  After enough research, I decided to give flipping a try, and I’m glad I did.

Flipping my Algebra 1 class turned out to be even better than I had hoped and made me wonder why I had not flipped sooner!  My students became fully engaged in class and were more successful than ever before on chapter tests and the state’s End of Course Exam.   An added bonus was that I enjoyed teaching even more with the flipped model.  Algebra became fun for all of us!

My goal is to create relevant and helpful content that you can use in your Algebra 1 class whether you teach in the traditional way or flip your class.  If you want to see how I got started flipping, head over to my article Where To Begin?

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